FakeHub Review

FakeHub Review

If you were a porn fan, you might have probably encountered the same old content over and over again. Luckily, FakeHub came to life and took the internet by storm. It has many exciting scenes and video themes. You will be in awe of the actors who take over the scenes, leaving the audience hungry for more. Moreover, the site has a variety of amazing and horny babes performing various sex scenes and positions, be it orgy, threesome, couple or masturbation.

FakeHub Review

Indeed, FakeHub has a huge number of ads to watch, and they upload high-quality videos every day to pamper yourself. In addition, the site offers some bonus features for everyone’s enjoyment. First of all, the premium membership allows you to access a variety of porn videos, fulfilling all your sexual fantasies, fetishes and kinks. Leaving you soaked in overwhelming fantasy satisfaction.

FakeHub: more than just porn

FakeHub offers the opportunity to experience a popular storyline that immediately comes to mind. He has a fake officer who uses his power to act on random women such as police officers, doctors, taxi drivers and managers for example. In the backseat of a car, these tales involve lesbian sex, sex with a stranger, mature women or hardcore fun.

Moreover, every day your creative imagination presents you with new content. They update the platform with tons of thousands of content every day, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Plus, you have immediate access to its eight sections with a FakeHub.com membership, so you can choose the type of story you want, such as FakeHub Originals, Civil Servant, Fake Taxi, Fake Doctor, Fake Police, Female Agent, Fake Agent and UK Fake Agent.

All in all, you can get roughly over 3,000 individual 25-minute videos, all in MP4 format, with fantastic playback, and you can download them as many times as you like. Plus, with 1,615 gorgeous women showing every preference imaginable, FakeHub only offers exclusive content. Lastly, you must remember that all your videos are streamed in the highest definition, even from the first release.

How does FakeHub work?

The free basic account on FakeHub is hardly as effective as compared to the premium membership. Therefore, to have all the important features and access to videos on the site, you need to take advantage of their paid subscription. You can pay via Discover, MasterCard, JCB or Visa credit card.

The packages that come from its paid membership are exclusive and the latest videos are uploaded on the platform. Ultimately, you can have unlimited access to gorgeous ladies, customer support, downloads, live cams, app version access and regular updates. First of all, the payment and transaction security provided by FakeHub is maintained and confidential.

Special features to make you cum

Long List of Horny Pornstars

From gorgeous women to professional girls, there are numerous categories of pornstars of similar age groups that you can see on this platform. Many of these porn stars are fresh to the profession, while some of them have been in the industry for a long time. Moreover, you can watch videos where the guy plays the dominant role and the woman is an amateur. Likewise, there is a woman who enjoys the leading role and a guy who is an amateur.

Moreover, some of the porn stars here also wear makeup and jewelry. They also have different hairstyles, body shapes and different colors to name a few. All female pornstars are from Europe and some of them are of the white variety. Thus, they are only attractive enough to please their wide following. These female models get the job done like a pro, and they’re damn experts too, so it’s worth the cost of your subscription.

Hardcore action to jerk off

In the community section of the platform, you can watch action-packed videos that include various forms of sexual themes, namely lesbian sex, orgies, gay sex, rough sex and more. You will also enjoy videos of fake experts using their patients or clients. Plus, you’ll love watching these videos where both men and women exclusively display their eroticism in imaginary scenarios.

Meanwhile, there are some extreme sex scenes featuring attractive young men fucking hot and attractive babes. Numerous types of clips are also included, namely cock sucking, fingering, sensual massage, vagina eating, handjobs, blowjobs, numerous sexual styles. In realistic videos, you will enjoy watching women fucking badly in videos.

Sex in exciting places

Meanwhile, some exciting scenes are also available on FakeHub. You will see images of sexy pornographic lesbians rubbing tits, making love, having intercourse, pussy eating, Squirting, bottom rubbing, and a lot of horny material. In these scenes it was mentioned that sexy female porn stars make their comrade cum hard. Plus, the scenes filmed in fake businesses, fake taxis or fake hospitals are really something you really enjoy.

Moreover, FakeHub pornstars know how the audience can be happy and achieve orgasm. Moreover, there are different forms of sexual scenarios or situations and with FakeHub you get excellent content of the highest quality. There are also various places where shootouts take place – such as crowded places, buses, workplaces, taxis, apartments and much more. It’s so nice to see these videos recorded in different places, and for their fans at home, FakeHub maintains content that is certainly exciting.

I serve you a variety of children

Super hot and extremely slutty models that stand out on Fake Hub. However, from the point of view of British pornography, that tends to be the case. There is only that about vile raw sex for both directors and porn stars over the bay. However, you won’t only get British beauties in this set. As you know, the UK, with immigrant women from Europe and around the world, is a relatively culturally diverse place.

Thus, the site features dozens of hot girls from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania or Eastern Europe. Also, maybe a lot of British black beauties and even some Asian ones. There are again several American pornstars on this platform who have regular appearances. Meanwhile, in terms of age, FakeHub has everything from teen chicks to MILFs with huge tits, as well as a few experienced women.

1080p porn video

Additionally, FakeHub contains over 1,950 full-length porn movies; however, on this platform, there is no image library available at the moment. However, FakeHub currently updates its library once or twice a day. This ensures that when you visit the website, you will still have new and fresh videos to stream. Of course, all the videos provided by FakeHub are in HD quality 1080p or high resolution 1920×1080. Indeed, these MP4 videos can be downloaded to your desktop, laptop or smartphone.

Bonus for regular fans

Uniquely, FakeHub has a collection of more than 7 fantastic sites on the platform. So you have a connection with these sites where porn stars play the role of fake professionals. For example, fake doctors, fake taxi drivers, fake businessmen and the like. Porn actors can trick the audience into making out with them through persuasive acting. In other words, FakeHub provides more convincing and authentic content to attract attention to the sexual field. They make the scenarios wild, hardcore, erotic and seductive to keep their fans engaged in the videos.

In terms of style, appearance, age and other important aspects, the porn stars on FakeHub are definitely different. For this reason, FakeHub will provide you with spinners, topless chicks, young chicks, horny MILFs, brunettes and blondes. In addition, there is an amazing collection of screamers, moaners, spitters and swallowers. Basically, the videos here can be downloaded in high-definition quality, which provides excellent backup. With high resolution, videos can be transmitted smoothly and clearly. However, users have the option to download and stream videos in lower resolution alternatives.

Protecting users from fraud

The most important aspect of porn watching is making sure that viewers are provided with solutions when problems arise. Keeping this in mind, FakeHub ensures its members that their support systems are always available to resolve any issues related to the site. Likewise, the site provides comprehensive information about member profiles and even provides advice to those who have experienced scams.

Regarding transaction and payment information, FakeHub guarantees its members that all sensitive payment data is securely protected. First of all, if any problems arise, the site’s support team is always ready to help, no matter what time of day.


Indeed, FakeHub is a site where everyone from all over the world spends every day without feeling bored. In other words, every day feels like a renewed and restored satisfaction in good porn. You can enjoy exciting scenes that feel real and authentic. First of all, they all have excellent resolution quality. Indeed, just as expected from a premium porn site. So if all this sounds erotic and seductive to you, join FakeHub’s huge fan base and become a member now.

Advantages and disadvantages of FakeHub


  • Users get access to seven amazing sites for the price of one.
  • The library of porn video collections is huge
  • Users can make unlimited downloads by becoming a member
  • The site regularly updates their new uploads
  • There is a special discount for site readers.
  • Mobile version is stable and smooth
  • All videos are in 1080p HD resolution.
  • The site gives regular uploads to provide fresh content on a daily basis.
  • Streaming – Unlimited Feature
  • Pornstars are drawn from different eras and cultures
  • Customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


  • There is no advanced option in the search engine.
  • Limited Time Free Trial Bonus
  • No photo galleries yet

How To Become A FakeHub Trial Member?

Buying a trial membership on most of the premium porn sites is very easy and won’t take much of your time. FakeHub is no different in this option and you can become a trial member of FakeHub in just under 5 minutes. Becoming a trial member is very similar to buying a full monthly or yearly membership on FakeHub when looking at the steps that need to be taken. The only difference is that you will get 2 days access for $1.00 and after that, you stop having access to this site. Another difference is that you don’t get the download access on the FakeHub trial and this makes a lot of sense. If you want to buy FakeHub trial membership, follow these easy steps.

Step 1 – Visit The Offical FakeHub Website

The first step is the most logical one; to become a trial member of the FakeHub network, you need to visit the official website of FakeHub. This site will not give you any time to think because you will get bombarded with amazing pictures, previews, and videos of gorgeous girls getting fucked. The longer you spend on this page, the more time you will need to buy the FakeHub trial. Focus on the “Join Now” button in the top right corner and click on it.

Step 2 – Choose 2 Days Membership Option

FakeHub trial membership becomes available right away on the next page. When you have clicked on the “Join Now” button, you will be redirected to this page where you have a choice to make. You can choose 2 days membership, monthly membership, 3 months membership, and yearly membership. You need to choose the field that says “2 Days Membership” for $1.00. When you choose this option, you need to choose your payment option. Users usually choose credit cards as a way of payment, but you can also choose debit cards, checks, and cryptocurrencies. When you have done all of that, you can choose on the “Get Access Now” button.

Step 3 – Create Account And Enter Payment Details

The next step is one of the more important ones because you need to enter a lot of information. On this page, you need to create your account and enter the details about your payment. For the creation of the account, you need a username, password, and email address. Make sure to enter a valid email address and the username you will remember because it can be really tricky to renew your account if you forget this information. When it comes to payment information, you need to enter your first and last name, country, and the number of your credit card, if that is your chosen way of paying.

Another important information that you need to know is that many premium porn networks have pre-checked extra sales. These so-called cross-sales are located on this page and they offer additional access to some great porn sites for a small price. But, this price renews after a while with a full price. So, if you don’t want additional costs, make sure to uncheck any unwanted cross-sales. Once you have entered all of your information, click on the “Start Membership” button, and you can start your FakeHub trial. FakeHub has excellent support and privacy policy so no costs will ever be shown on your credit card bill.

Step 4 – Start Your 2 Days Adventure On FakeHub

The last step is the best one. Once you have become a trial member on FakeHub, you get full access to this amazing site and all of its networked sites. This means that for two full days, you can watch all of their exclusive videos as much as you want. The FakeHub trial doesn’t include downloads so your experience will solely be on its official site. The last piece of information that you need is that, after the two days of trial access, your membership renews at the full price of $39.99 a month until you cancel. If you want to avoid this, you need to cancel your membership after the trial period ends, and this way no additional costs will apply. You can cancel your FakeHub trial by visiting their support page and following simple steps towards your cancellation.

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